Merciful Father, I come to you asking that you bless my work in creating this blog. May the tip, techniques and recipes I create and share be seasoned as perfect as your grace and mercy and may my love for cooking shine through.

Our food is going to be perfectly seasoned with the right herbs and spices.  To ensure that perfection here is a starter list of herbs and spices you will need to have on your shelves:  bay leaves, beef bullion powder,black peppercorn, cayenne pepper, chicken bullion powder,chili powder, cinnamon sticks, granulated garlic, ground allspice, ground cloves, ground cumin, ground ginger, ground nutmeg,  onion powder, paprika, red crushed pepper flakes, sea salt



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  1. Monica La Grans says:

    Hello cuz! Just wondering how long do spices last? Someone said they never expire.


    1. Spices don’t expire in the sense that they could make you ill but they do lose their potency or flavor. Make sure that you always keep the top on your spices. closed spice producers frequently will put a date on their product that says best used by


  2. Monica La Grand says:

    Thank you for the info.


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