Jerk is it a dance or a dish?

Grilled salmon with vegetables
Jerk Salmon  with Grilled Vegetables

Jerk seasoning was introduced to my palate about 15 years ago.  My favorite jerk flavored dishes are salmon and goat.  I still cook my goat in the ground, but I have added jerk flavor season which has taken the dish to the moon and back in the flavor atmosphere.

Jerk is a traditional way of BBQ in Jamaica.  I use Walkerswood traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. This seasoning is hot, spicy and will give shoe leather a very GOOOOOD taste.  In addition to grilled vegetables, I frequently add pineapple, green and black large seedless grapes cut in half, mango, lime, and papaya.


3   pounds skinless salmon fillets, 1  tablespoon jerk seasoning, 1 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.  Sprinkle both sides of the fish with olive oil, rub jerk seasoning on both sides of fish.  Put the salmon pieces in a shallow glass pan.  Cover with foil and refrigerate for 6 to 8 hours to allow the seasonings to marinade.  Remove from refrigerator allow fish to reach room temperature bake at 350 degrees until fish flakes easily with a fork.  Sprinkle sesame seeds on top.  Dinner is on the table y’all come on let’s eat!

Do you have a favorite jerk dish?  Saturday, August 6, 2016, is Independence Day in Jamaica.  Let’s celebrate by serving a traditional Jamaican dish. Here’re a few traditional dishes you might want to try Jerk Chicken, Beef Patties, Curried Chicken, Oxtails with Broad Beans, Spinach Soup, Rum Punch.


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