Bread is the quintessential example of who God is to me.  To me, bread represents God’s provisions, his word, his mercy, my family, fellowship, my salvation, and most importantly my life and how I live and love! 


  1. Kneading the dough for 30 seconds after mixing improves the texture of baking powder bread.
  2. Use cooking oil in waffles and hot cakes in place of shortening. Oil will make your bread lighter.
  3. If your bread calls for eggs, separate the yellow from the white.  Beat the white till it is stiff then fold into the batter. This extra step will ensure a lighter final product.
  4. When the bread is baking a small dish of water in the oven will help keep the crust from getting hard.
  5. Dip a spoon in hot water to measure shortening and/or butter; if you do the full measure of your fat will slip off your spoon easily.
  6. When baking, you will get better results if you preheat the oven.
  7. Bread leavened with baking powder, or baking soda should not be beaten.
  8. When making bread leavened with baking powder and baking soda combine the eggs, liquid, and shortening, then stir in the dry ingredients mixing just enough to dampen the flour. Over mixing the bread makes it tough.
  9. To make sweet milk sour add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar to each cup of milk.
  10. To whip evaporated milk put the milk in the freezer until partially frozen. Pour the milk into a cold bowl, add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and whip.
  11. How to make self-rising flour: 4 cups all-purpose flour, 2 teaspoons salt, 2 tablespoons baking powder. Mix well and store in a tightly covered container.


Bread                                          Minutes                                   Temperature

Loaf                                               50-60                                                350-400

Rolls                                              20-30                                                400-500

Biscuits                                         12-15                                                 400-500

Cornbread                                     25-30                                                400-425

Nut Bread                                     50-75                                                325-350

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