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My Beautiful Daughter Eating Watermelon. It’s not cold she simply loved wearing her favorite coat.


Melons are members of the cucurbitaceae family, which makes a cousin to squash and cucumbers. There are two categories of sweet melons:  watermelon and muskmelons.

  1. A ripe watermelon has a yellow side.  A ripe watermelon is dull in color.  A light tap to a ripe watermelon will produce a hollow sound.  If the melon is white or a pale green on one side it is not ripe.
  2. A ripe honeydew has a  yellow color.
  3. shake the melon, if you can feel the seeds moving or rattling around the melon is ripe.  The honeydew is not ripe if a whitish-green. A ripe honeydew will smell like a fragrant flower.
  4. A ripe cantaloupe is smooth and the space between the netting is yellow and the fruit will  have a sweet fruity aroma. If the stem is still attached the melon is not ripe.

Everyone has tips on how to pick a ripe melon, please share your tips.

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