My grandfather’s paternal and maternal were moonshine drinkers. I have always been told that good moonshine pairs well with a variety of food, sweeteners, and fruits. My first shot of moonshine was seasoned with peach skins.  I must tell you peach flavored whiskey is delicious.  To this date, I like the flavor of shine paired with peaches.  An old sensation that is being presented as new is the pairing of food, fruits and sweeteners with whiskey it improves and enhances the taste of whiskey.

Here are a couple of flavors that I love paired with my whiskey well with the full bodies whiskeys I love:  Check them out you might love them too.

  • Dark chocolate with raspberries
  • Smokey and spicy cheeses such as Gouda and Havarti
  • Tangy and tart fruit such as oranges, pears,  and sour apple

I am going to throw a whiskey party where I am pairing and asking my guest to bring different fruits and cheeses they would like to see paired with their favorite whiskeys.





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