In support of my Lil brother Colin Kaepernick, I’m not watching professional football. I am also asking you along with all your family and friend not to watch. Just where does the league get off thinking that they can dedicate how we can express our right of expression/non-violent expression.  Let’s take a look at how our nonviolent protest has  been handled:

  1.  If we stand up and march dogs and fire hoses are directed to us.
  2. Black leaders have given speeches promoting non-violence which resulted in them being shot and killed.
  3. Gathering in church and prayers have resulted in being shot, or we are set a fire in the building.
  4. If you kneel, you are no longer a qualified quarter back, even if you took them to the Superbowl.

KNOW that the reason that the league has said he is not signed is disingenuous, racist and another slap in our faces, stab in the heart, an unleashed dog attack, a lynching, burning, being pulled by the neck on the back of a truck til our head comes off,  and discrimination and killing in every imaginable form.

To this end I cannot support the league, I am BLACKING OUT the NFL.  If you are also BLACKING OUT, the NFL let it be known.  Post your protest for the world to see!  Let’s support Colin Kaepernick.  Let’s go viral!

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  1. says:

    You know it!


    1. If you don’t stand for something in this case Neil


  2. Amen cousin, I’m with you…


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