Roasted turkey has a different meaning for everyone.  When you have roasted turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner have your guest share at least one (1) thing they are thankful for.

The National Turkey Foundation offers the following suggestions to help you make the right decision for your meal:

  • You need approximately 1-pound of uncooked turkey for each guest. This allows everyone to enjoy a generous serving of turkey.
  • Most people cannot tell the difference between fresh or frozen turkey. The best way to thaw a frozen turkey is in the refrigerator.  Place the turkey in the refrigerator, in its original wrapping in a shallow pan.  Allow 24-hours per 5-pounds of turkey.  If the refrigerator space is limited. Turkeys can also be thawed in cold water.  Again, leave the turkey in its original wrapping and place it in a container large enough to allow the entire bird to be covered with water.  Fill the pan with cold water; change the water every half an hour.  Allow 30 minutes per pound of turkey.
  • Many factors, including over calibration, beginning temperature and type of roasting pan can affect how long it takes for the turkey to cook.
  • Below are a few guideline for cooking stuffed and unstuffed turkeys you might want to consider.

Stuffed                                       Unstuffed

Pounds         Hours                              Pounds                   Hours

                               8 –10          2 1/2 – 3                                8 – 10                   3 – 3 1/2

                              12 – 14         3 – 3 1/2                            12 – 14                   3 1/2 –  4

14 – 18          3 1/2 – 4 1/2                      14 – 18                   4 1/2 – 5

18 – 20          4 1/2 – 5 1/2                       18 – 20                   5 1/2 – 6






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