boiled peanuts 2
When the peanuts are almost done I want you to add some corn on the cob.  

Boiled peanuts it’s a southern thing, what do you know about that?  Boiled peanuts are usually a summer snack, BUT, I had a new cousin ask for the recipe so here we go.  Boiled peanuts are a delicious southern snack that can be habit-forming.

1) Wash 5 pounds of in-shell raw peanuts; 2) Put the peanut into a large heavy pot; 3)  Add 5 (12 oz.) bottles of beer now add enough water to cover the peanuts; 4) Add a handful of garlic cloves, 4 tablespoons of red pepper flakes, 4 tablespoons onion powder, 1 tablespoons sea salt, stir; 5)  Bring the water to a boil for at least 3-4 hours, taste the water add more seasoning to match your taste; 6) Add some corn on the cob.

To check for doneness, remove a shell from the water, set aside and allow the shell to cool off.  Press the shell, when the peanut is done the texture will feel like a cooked red bean.









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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice recipe


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