Y’all all know my favorite thing to eat is chicken.  I have added one more chicken dish to my favorites, Curry Chicken.


3 pounds chicken thighs with skin and bone, 2 teaspoons Cajun seasoning salt, 3 tablespoons curry powder,  2 tablespoons granulated garlic, 1 tablespoon onion powder,  1 cup sweet potatoes, chopped, 1 cup white onion chopped, 5 garlic cloves, minced, 1 teaspoon dried allspice, 4 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves stripped, 2 tablespoons Jamaican seasoning, 1/2 cup red bell pepper, diced, 1/4 cup green bell pepper, diced, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, 1/4 cup carrots, chopped, 3 green onions, chopped, 1 large jalapeno pepper, chopped, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1/8 teaspoon fresh ginger root, minced, 1/4 cup fresh lime juice, 1  cup chicken broth, 2 cups coconut milk.

Get out a gallon storage bag, add the lime juice to the bag.  Wash the chicken remove the skin leave the bone and cut up the thighs, season the chicken liberally with the curry powder, garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper, cumin, and allspice.  Add the seasoned chicken to the storage bag and refrigerate for at least 12 hours.  Get out a heavy skillet add approximately 2 1/2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.  Heat the oil to hot, 350 degrees.  Add 2 tablespoons of prepared commercial Jamician seasoning stir and cook until the seasoning changing color to a dark brown.  This step takes 2-3 minutes.  Add the chicken, NOT THE SKIN, and cook for another for another 2-3 minutes.  Add the broth, coconut milk, yams, onions, garlic, carrots, bell pepper, green onions, jalapeno, and ginger to the skillet, stir and cover, cook for approximately 30 minutes or until the chicken is cooked.  Remove the chicken from the skillet, set aside.  Continue to cook uncovered to thicken the gravy.

Time to get, serve with steamed rice, fried plantains, and good ole southern fried cabbage.

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