raw peanuts

I specialize in traditional soul food.  I think soul food is the original America cuisine. Soul food was developed and created by slaves using available vegetables, and herbs.    When I think of traditional soul food and how the recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next I immediately think about my uncle Clarance Lane.  His nickname the street was was Cheeky Black  Uncle Cheeky was married to my maternal great Auntie Mary.   To this union, I got my Cousin Carrie. I call her  CarrMae. I am sure she is going to pinch me for sharing this much but I had to.  Love you, CarrMae.  Okay, back to Uncle Cheeky.  Uncle Cheeky was a Pullman on the railroad who worked his way up to being one of the chefs. One of the many stories and recipes he shared was the recipes he learned that had been created and passed down from Rufus Este.  Rufus Este was also a chef on the railroad. Rufus Este wrote the book ‘Good Things To Eat.’  He is believed to be the author and writer of the  1st cookbook written by an African-American chef. Uncle Cheeky did not know him personally, but recipes were shared throughout this tight-knit group of black railway chefs.

Today I’m going to share with you a list of the ingredients needed to make  Goober Pea Soup.  The recipe originally given to me contained raw peanuts, tomatoes, milk, onions, cornstarch, celery, ginger root, chicken backs, chicken necks, salt and pepper to taste.  Subsequently, I’ve added crunchy peanut butter, replaced milk with heavy cream, can yams, collard greens, garlic cloves, green onions, chicken bouillon, butter, bell pepper, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper to taste.

Take these ingredients and make your soup.  Tell me how it comes out. I ’m looking forward to cooking with you.  I pray that I am successful in making cooking a passion in your life.

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