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Pick up the brisket fold it in half.  If it’s floppy and bends easily its a good piece. Fat is essential when cooking brisket, but not too much.  If it’s stiff and hard to turn, that means there is too much fat. Put that piece back! The secret to good smoked brisket is the same as the secret to making love.  Brisket is from the cow’s breast, this cut of meat is rich in connective tissues, and requires a long, low, and slow cooking process.  Remember this tip, and you will be sought after for your skills.

What I am going to share today is an excellent dry rub for brisket.  To start, trim away fat to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thickness. I punch to hold on both sides and pour a dark beer over the brisket.  Allow the beer to marinade over the brisket for at least 1 hour. Rub Ingredients:  Salt, black pepper, smoked paprika, granulated garlic, dark brown sugar, onion powder, cayenne, mustard powder, and cumin. I add all these ingredients into my coffee grinder and grind until I have a dust.   Always taste before rubbing on the meat.  Adjust the seasoning to your taste. Wrap the brisket and refrigerate for 2 hours before slow grilling or roasting

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  1. Angela says:

    Jacquie, that’s a wonderful rub–I can just tell. Going to try this.


    1. Let me know when you make it


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