Today I am going to teach you how to cut up a whole chicken. Get out your cutting board, a sharp knife, and the chicken.  Remove the innards ( heart, neck, gizzard) and any extra fat from the chicken.  Cut the skin and flesh between the legs and body of the chicken. Bend the legs back far enough to snap the hip joints.  You will hear the hip joint snap, then cut through the tendons to these joints.   Repeat on both sides, you’ve separated the short thigh from the drumstick. Cut from the breastbone following the ribs to the wings. Find the joints cut through removing the wing from the breast. Break the wing joints and cut off the wings.   Holding the breastbone firmly with one hand and backbone with the contrary hand pull them apart. Starting with the knife at a right angle to the upper part of the breastbone cut back as far as the wing joint. Split in half. Cut the back and the breast in half.

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