boiled peanuts.1

A boiled peanut is a southern thing, what do you know about that?  My grandmother would never say she make making boiled peanuts she would say, do you want some “bold peanuts”.  A serving size is 1/2 cup that is unless you are a true southerner than you eat, eat and eat til you have enough.


Wash 5 pounds of in-shell raw peanuts. Dump the washed peanuts into a large heavy pot. Add 5 (12 oz.) bottles of beer and enough water to cover the peanuts.  Add a handful of garlic cloves, 2 tablespoons of red pepper flakes, 4 tablespoons onion powder, 1/4 cup Cajun seasoning. Bring the water to a rapid boil for about 10-minutes.  Turn the heat down to a simmer and cook with a lid on the pot for 3 hours. Check the peanuts every hour for seasoning.   Remove the lid, add 1/4 cup liquid shrimp and crab boil, put the lid back on and simmer for another 2 hours.

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