Aunt Sweet is my great aunt, my maternal grandmother Ola Mae Henderson’s sister.  Her name was Rachel.  When I lived in Sledge, Mississippi she would frequently come down from Memphis to visit and make all kinds of baked goodies.  I found it amazing how she could whip up all those delicious treats with just a spoon and cook them in a wood stove.  There are no temperature gauges on a wood stove; she would stick her hand in the oven and know the temperature.  This is not her recipe, but I think of Aunt Sweet whenever I make a pound cake.

Pound Cake

2 sticks butter, softened, 1/2 cup shortening, 1 ( 1 lb.) box dark brown sugar, 5 eggs, 1 cup heavy whipping cream, 3 cups cake flour, sifted 3-times, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder,  1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Get out a bowl, add the butter and shortening, cream with an electric mixer until fluffy.  Add the sugar continue to cream.  Add the egg, mix well.  Get out another bowl, sift the flour, then remeasure.  Add the flour, salt, and baking powder, mix well.  Get out a cup, add the cream and vanilla, mix well.  Alternately add the dry and wet ingredients to the creamed mixture. Pour your cake mix into a bundt pan.  Before putting the pan in the oven, tap it on the counter to make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed and there are no bubbles.  Bake for 1-hour.   Insert a butter knife in the thickest area of the cake; if it comes out clean, the cake is done.

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