I had leftover macaroni and cheese from Christmas. I am going to repurpose this dish and make macaroni and cheese balls.

2 cups of leftover mac and cheese, 2 cups garlic cheese butter crouton, crush them to a fine texture,1 tsp. white truffle oil, 4 eggs beaten, 2 T. parsley flakes, 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, oil for frying.

Get out a heavy skillet, add the heavy whipping cream when the cream is warm add the mac and cheese, parsley flakes, and truffle oil and combine until mixed well. Add salt and season to your taste. Get out a cookie sheet, set aside. Get out a small ice scooper fill it with the macaroni mixture. Roll the macaroni in the croutons you have crushed. Then roll in the beaten eggs then back into the croutons. Set them on the cookie sheet and refrigerate for 25-30 minutes. Get out a dutch oven add 3 1/2 inches of oil. When the oil is hot 360 degrees add the macaroni and cheese balls, do not overcrowd fry until golden brown.

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