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Hi, I’m Jacqueline Hodges-Kent, owner of Jacque (pronounced Jackie) Rose.  I’m a foodie and I love to entertain.  Cooking is an art form that allows me to express my passion.  Preparing meals for others makes me happy because it is how I welcome people into my home and my heart.  What I love most about cooking is it allows me to comfort others.  Cooking is another way that I hug, I kiss, and express my love for others.  If you have questions or just want to talk, call me at 702-752-1314.

I was born in Los Angeles and reared in Pacoima, California.  Pacoima is approximately twenty-five miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.  Pacoima is a small town that is commonly referred to as the Land of Dreams.  My family hails from Mississippi and Louisiana. This should give you some idea of how I cook and what my food taste like.sistersandbrothersI am the second child and the oldest girl.  I have 5 siblings (Printes, Floyd, Iris, Patricia, and Schelondia).  I am blessed to have 3 daughters (Jamie, Wendy, and Robi), 5 grandchildren (Brittian, Nyla, CJ, Robert, and Alanha), and last but not least, I have a great grandson Kamden.

I ventured into cooking at the tender age of 7 or 8.  The kitchen was the hub of omemawur
home.  I was in the kitchen with Grandma Emma whenever I was with her.  She taught me things like how to boil an egg and that the kitchen is where everyone gathered to nourish their bodies, share, comfort, bond, talk loud, laugh, tell stories and sometimes tell lies.  She taught me that the kitchen is where memories and traditions are made.

Cooking with Jacque Rose

This site is intended for entertainment.  You fully and completely release Jacqueline Hodges-Kent, Grandma Jacque Rose’s Kitchen, LLC and Cooking With Jacque Rose all parties associated  from any liability whatsoever from your use of this site and these recipes, tips and techniques.  All content is protected under the Copyright Act.

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  1. Nicholas Dean says:

    I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet you, and what a wonderful person you are and I love the website, love the background, and love the passion For food that you have. I look forward to working with you in the future and collaborating and making the food industry a little bit better I love you.

    Nicholas Dean,


  2. Edy"Edwin"Smith says:

    Dear Jacque:
    Thanks for sharing You with the world. Your amazing cooking is a reflection of the Spirit within you. It’s your special and unique gift to all who will experience “Cooking with JACQUE ROSE”…especially me!

    Blessings, love and success,
    Edy”Edwin”Smith, Author
    KarenEdy PUblishing


  3. Wilbur Smith says:

    Dear Jacque Rose:
    Your amazing culinary skills are a reflection of the wonderful Spirit Within You.. Truly a gift from the creator to the world, and all that will experience “COOKING WITH JACQUE ROSE”
    Especially to me!

    Blessings, Love, & Success,
    Edy”Edwin”Smith, Author


  4. Willie Davis says:

    Wow Ms Jacqueline, It was such a pleasure to meet you and feel your uplifting spirit. I love your website, love the family background, and love the passion you have for food. I am really ready to sample.


  5. Ken Ware says:

    You have a beautiful gift being bless with.


  6. ira hodges says:

    looking good co


    1. Wi get it from my cousin Ira


  7. Edward Gray says:

    Thanksfor the invite


  8. Bonita says:

    I often look that are new and exciting and soulful with a little Cajun country or Creole. Could you it ideas for oyster cornbread dressing or holiday turkey ideas. I need some of your passion on my table this holiday. Thank you and blessings !


    1. Bonita, I will a special Creole holiday side dish next week.


    2. Bonita, I will post a special Creole holiday side dish next week


  9. wonderful – love – love -love – a very caring heart put this together – never ever forget FOOD BRINGS FAMILY TOGETHER and FAMILY BRINGS FAMILY TO OUR WONDERFUL LORD ABOVE


  10. Cassandra Rose-Moore says:

    Hello, I am. Rose by birth. My grandfather was from Eunice, La. He was born in Washington, La. We are family. Love you much..I live in Houston, Texas.


    1. WOW!!!!! Let’s talk Cousin. Please call me at 469-215-1585. If I am not available to answer the phone, please leave a detailed message. Jacque Rose


  11. Simeon Ozias says:

    What a awesome story of family ,Love and food what a great combo. So I shall enjoy this ride of love and family as most of us have all of our lives.


  12. capost2k says:

    WoW. Not only a fantastic cook, but a beautiful one as well. Course, a friend once told me “every woman is beautiful when she is loved,” and from your bio, you obviously have a family that adores you. Congrats and keep on cookin’!
    Just getting into baking since this last Oct and I need good guides like you.
    thanx, c.a.


  13. Karen Dowthard says:

    Hi just met you at airport. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing. Karen


    1. Hey Karen, how are you and your daughter doing?


  14. Roosevelt says:



  15. Denisha Henderson says:

    This is awesome cousin. The recipes remind me of where we came from food for your soul.


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