Hi, I’m Jacqueline Hodges-Kent, owner of Jacque (pronounced Jackie) Rose.  I’m a foodie and I love to entertain.  Cooking is an art form that allows me to passionately express myself.  Preparing meals for others makes me happy because it is how I welcome people into my home and my heart.  What I love most about cooking is it affords me the opportunity to comfort others.  Cooking is another way that I hug, that I kiss, cooing and breaking bread with you is my way of saying I love you.

Please ask all your friends and kinfolks to like and follow me on the blog.  I have been operational for 17 months.  I have 42 confirmed followers.   When you like and follow me you become my cousin.  I want my family to grow. Don’t just view me I want you to like and follow the blog.   Please click to follow me and receive notifications of all new post by email.  I post 5-days a week Monday – Friday.

I was born in Los Angeles and reared in Pacoima, California.  Pacoima is approximately twenty-five miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.  Pacoima is a small town that is commonly referred to as the Land of Dreams.  My family hails from Mississippi and Louisiana. This should give you some idea of how I cook and what my food tastes like.sistersandbrothersI am the second child and the oldest girl.  I have 5 siblings (Printes (Bubby), Floyd, Iris (Tiny), Patricia (Pat), and Schelondia (LaLa).  I was blessed to have 3 daughters (Jamie, Wendy, and Robi), 5 grandchildren (Brittian, Nyla, CJ, Robert, and Alanha), and last but not least, I have a great-grandson Kamden.

I began to venture into cooking at the tender age of 7 or 8.  The kitchen was the hub of omemawur home.  I first learned cooking basics in the kitchen with my paternal grandmother Emma.  She taught me things like how to boil an egg and that the kitchen is where everyone gathered to nourish their bodies, share, comfort themselves and others, bond with the world, talk loud, laugh, tell stories and sometimes even just plain old lie.  She taught me that the kitchen is where lifelong memories and traditions are created.

Cooking with Jacque Rose

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