The Jacque Rose Photo Gallery

Here are some of what’s cooking.  The Jacque Rose cookbook is coming to get you ready for a full house and happy stomachs.    Stay tuned for more.


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  1. Dorothy Pegues says:

    Everything looks extremely delicious


  2. shirley mcnair says:

    Hendon cake looks good will have to try


  3. Roger Willie says:

    Everything looks extremely delicious

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  4. Tina says:

    Love getting all my updates.These are delish and easy to make .


    1. Hey Tina, I am going to be moving to Henderson, NV. Once I get settled I will be preparing meals that working parents, just working busy folks in general can pick and serve as soon as they get home. Start looking for the weekly menus.


  5. Crystal Jackson says:

    OMG I love Lobster Bisque. Thank you for the recipe. Great site!!!

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  6. S. N. Ali Wajid says:

    This is Ali I see I that can’t wait for your book. Ali


  7. Christina Craig-Chardon says:

    Can’t wait for the book. I would definitely take an online food class with you! -Christina Craig


  8. mrgrace156 says:

    I love your love of food! I learn from you, even though I think I can cook. Keep it coming!


    1. Thank you. I will post Monday-Friday. Do you have a recipe you woi;d like me to post?


  9. Laurel says:

    Love your blog, very nice! Would love to have you on the official Kitchen Rockstar Radio Station at as well as our YouTube channel at

    Blessings to you,

    Kitchen Rockstar


    1. I would love that. Please give me a call at 702-752-1314


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