oysters on the half shell


The oysters used should be alive, plump, clear and most importantly they should smell fresh. Scrub the shell with a brush under running lukewarm water.  Get out a colander and a bowl, set the bowl over the colander, set aside. Place the oyster in your hand with the thickest part of the shell pointed toward your palm. Get out a short, thin, sharp knife, insert the point of the knife at the back of the shell and run the knife around the shell until you cut the muscle that holds the shells together.  Put the opened oysters in the colander.  The liquid from the oysters will drain into the bowl, reserve the liquid, set aside.  With your hands open the shell, using your fingers feel the oyster, remove any and all particles such as shell from the shell.  The oysters are now ready to be served.  Get out a shallow bowl, fill the bowl with cracked ice.  Decoratively arrange the oysters, in the shell on top of the ice.  Serve with creamy horseradish, hot sauce, pesto, cocktail sauce, and lemon wedges.

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