I am a 70-year old woman who has finally embraced her passion and gift;  I now know just who I am.  I am a foodie who loves to create new dishes, cook, share and invite you into my home and life to break bread.  My brand is Cooking With Jacque Rose.  My cooking journey has made me write a cookbook,  start a food blog, start cooking classes and open a test kitchen.

  1. My cookbook will be published, hard, and e-book within the next 30-days.
  2. You already know about the food blog (  What do I need to do to increase traffic to the blog?
  3. Would you be interested in taking an online and having face-to-face cooking classes with me?
  4. I am looking for investors and partners; I want to open the test kitchen within the next months.

I’ve come to you for suggestions, what would you do and how? HELP ME! Please respond to this message directly or call me at 702-752-1314.

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  1. Anatelie says:

    Mrs. Rose, one suggestion to your request is that you video yourself cooking the meals that you send via email. Not only should you post on Facebook, but Instagram and YouTube, as well. Placing your recipes on Pinterest (and YouTube) will help spread your name beyond your own demographics. Question: Do you mean a group that follows along as you cook or an individual cooking session?


    1. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll look into Instageam and You Tube. In terms of the cooking class I would do both. Thanks again.


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